About Cesley

My name is Cesley Musngi and I am a graphic designer based in Richmond, Virginia. I spend most of my time overanalyzing small details, anticipating human interactions and behaviors, tinkering with html and css, and pushing pixels around the screen. My first loves were paper and graffiti which explains my fascination of all things print and typography related. Whether it be for print or the web, using design to solve a problem is where I find myself the happiest, especially when the solution promotes an interactive relationship with its intended users. 

When time allows, you can find me: consuming what some people might consider an unhealthy amount of sushi (whatever that means), being naturally curious and learning random new things, and/or taking photos on my DSLR, especially at local bboy events.

Need work-life specifics? Download my résumé.


Any questions? Please feel free to e-mail me at musngicm@gmail.com!